Mono Project Roadmap

Last update: November, 2012

Per-component Plans are available, you can also check our Compatibility page that gives an overview of what is supported as of the latest public release of Mono.

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Mono releases are versioned like this:

  • Even-numbered MINOR releases are stable releases.
  • Odd-numbered MINOR releases are unstable releases (development/daily builds).
  • SUBRELEASE indicates a minor update to a specific release.

Current Releases

 Mono 2.12 Released: October 22nd, 2012
  • C# 5.0 (Unified for all profiles)
  • IKVM Reflection or Cecil powered C# compiler
  • SGen: Precise stack scanning
  • Tuned Parallel Frameworks
  • Complete .NET 4.5 core support
    • Async APIs in all core libraries
  • Tail call optimizations for F#
  • Ships Microsoft's open sourced stacks:
    • ASP.NET MVC 4
    • ASP.NET WebPages
    • Entity Framework
    • Razor
    • System.Json (replaces our own)

Features that have already shipped out of band:

  • MonoMac and MonoMac bundler
  • IronPython, IronRuby and F# bundled with Mono

Mono 3.0 Release Notes

 Mono 2.10 Released: February 15th, 2011

Major changes (see release notes for details):

Mono 2.10 Release Notes

  • Feb 15th, 2011: First 2.10 release

Upcoming Releases

Mono 3.0 will be delivered with incremental updates, as our master branch will remain stable.

For more information see:

 Mono 3.0 Planned Release: TBD
  • New Generational GC becomes the default

Subprojects projects

Other projects like the debugger, the documentation browser, Java integration through IKVM, Olive and Gtk# will remain on their own schedules. This page will be updated to contain that information when it becomes available.

Mono and Silverlight

See our page on Moonlight for details on the work underway to support Silverlight with Mono.

Partial Implementations

The following APIs and technologies have partial implementations and are under development.

  • Cardspace/Infocard.

Unsupported technologies

Some of the .NET technologies have been either deprecated, are too Windows-specific or are very large efforts and our community is unable to produce viable implementations for them.

If someone cares deeply about these APIs and implements them, we would likely bundle them with Mono, but they are not actively being worked on. There might be some code for these on our SVN repository, but the code is not suitable for production use nor do we recommend that developers building cross platform applications depend on it.

Too large stacks:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation

We are not working on any of the following deprecated APIs:

  • System.EnterpriseServices
  • WSE - Extensions to System.Web.Services.
  • Workflow Foundation 3 (WF3)
  • Code Access Security (.NET 1.0).

The following do not map to operating systems other than Windows, and we are unlike going to spend time to support them even on Windows:

  • System.Management

Nobody has shown enough interest in the following:

  • PowerShell


Feel free to send us your comments or questions about the roadmap.

Roadmap History

For our previous roadmap information, please see Roadmap History.