FAQ: Documentation

Getting Documentation

Where can I find Mono documentation? Mono documentation can either be viewed on line or off line using the GTK# or console based documentation browsers.

Why do I read "Documentation for this section has not yet been entered." everywhere? The mono documentation is just like the rest of mono very much based on the contribution of users. But unlike the actual code, documentation is not often contributed, therefore lots of the documentation is missing. A Mono Documentation Improvement Project has been initiated to help getting more documentation.

Where is the documentation for System.X.Y namespace? Some assemblies which are currently shipped with mono are missing in the documentation due to some limitations in the build process of monodoc. We are trying to include them to and hopefully these assemblies can be documented in future releases of monodoc and mono.

Writing Documentation

How can I document my own code? A good article on how to create documentation can be found under: Generating Documentation

How can I contribute to the Wiki? If you have no Wiki account but still want to contribute documentation to the wiki please send your articles to the mono-docs-list. Someone will then upload it to the Wiki.

How can I write documentation for the base class libraries? At the moment only by using the GTK# documentation browser. Monodoc Editing has a short tutorial on how to do so.