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The Monologue web site aggregates the blogs of users, developers, and contributors to the Mono community.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a popular Q&A site where users can ask questions about software development, including Mono. Many Mono contributors and community members actively answer Stack Overflow questions tagged mono, so make sure your questions have the mono tag.

Forums / Mailing lists

The primary discussion forum for Mono community members and Mono team members at Novell are the Mono mailing lists.

If you prefer a forums interface, you can interact with other Mono users and developers through the Forums interface to our mailing lists.

Chat / IRC

The Mono team members, as well as many members of the Mono user community, can be found online in the #mono IRC channel on the Gimpnet IRC Network (servers:, The #mono channel can be accessed using any IRC client. These are some of the popular desktop IRC clients:

There are various IRC clients available, here are some recommendations:

A web interface to the #mono channel can be accessed on the Chat page.