Accessibility: Release Checklist

Release Checklist

  1. Come up with release codename
  2. Edit NEWS
  3. Update ChangeLog and double-check version in
  4. Distcheck
    1. make distcheck
  6. Run automated QA scripts, get QA sign-off. Test on openSUSE 11.0/11.1 for 32 and 64 bit.
  7. Tag release
    1. svn cp svn+ssh:// svn+ssh://$VERSION
    2. Commit Message: "Tag for $VERSION release"
    3. Double check it worked:
  8. Build tarballs and RPMs for openSUSE 11.0/11.1 for 32 and 64 bit.
  9. Increment version in on trunk/branch (wherever the tag was made from)
  10. Upload the release
    1. TODO:
  11. Edit releases wiki page
  12. Add Release Notes wiki page (e.g.: Accessibility:_Release_Notes_0.9.1)
  13. Update homepage
    1. Use data from the NEWS page to populate the page
  14. Email mono-a11y list, mono-announce list and gnome-announce list
  15. Change #mono-a11y's topic